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Frequently Asked Questions: Soapstone

Question: Where does Soapstone come from?

Answer: The majority of all Soapstone imported to the U.S. comes from Brazil. A very small portion comes from a mine in Virginia.

Question: Does Soapstone need to be sealed?

Answer: No. Soapstone is non-porous, it does not need to be sealed.

Question: Why do you oil Soapstone?

Answer: This helps darken the stone evenly instead of in spots. The oil is not a protectant nor does Soapstone need protecting.

Question: Can I keep Soapstone from turning dark?

Answer: No. This is a natural characteristic of Soapstone and cannot be prevented.

Question: Will Soapstone scratch?

Answer: Yes it will, however , most scratches can be hidden by applying mineral oil. Deeper scratches can easily be sanded away.

Question: What if you do not oil Soapstone?

Answer: It will darken unevenly creating a splotchy, rustic look that is preferred by some customers. It can always be oiled later if the untreated look is not desired.

Question: Can you place hot pans on Soapstone?

Answer: Yes. Soapstone is not affected by heat.

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