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Frequently Asked Questions: Recycled Glass

Question: Will my tops be identical to the sample I have chosen from?

Answer: Close but not identical. Each production run may have variances in glass size, density of glass chips and overall color shade. We recommend you view your slabs before production if these variations are of concern!

Question: How do these products compare to natural granite?

Answer: These products are comparable to granite in terms of strength, durability, care and maintenance and scratch resistance.

Question: What is recycled glass surfacing?

Answer: Recycled glass countertops are comprised of 100% recycled glass and a cement or resin mixture which created a highly durable surface. Material content is derived from decommissioned traffic lights, windshields, used bottles and plate glass windows for example.

Question: Is it maintenance free like the engineered stone / quartz products?

Answer: No. It is much like natural granite in that it needs to be sealed and it can stain. It does have a homogenous color pattern much like quartz although much more vibrant!

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