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General Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where do I find FAQ's on the various products you offer?

Answer: Go into the products page and select the product you are interested in. You can then access FAQ's for that product.

Question: Do you sell directly to the public?

Answer: No. We are a wholesale supplier. We encourage you to call us, we will help you find a dealer that promotes CMC as a fabricator.

Question: Can I visit your fabrication facility?

Answer: Absolutely. We pride ourselves in having one of the most sophisticated fabrication facilities in the state. Ask your dealer to set this up or let Katie know you would like to visit.

Question: Can I view my slabs at your facility?

Answer: Yes. You are always welcome to view your slabs. We encourage it if you are choosing material with irregular veing or color variances. There are many granites that are quite homogenous and will be very similar to the sample you selected from. Shades of colors will be the most significant change. If any of this concerns you, please come view the slabs before production.

Question: Will my tops be identical to the sample I chose from?

Answer: Probably NOT. Depending on the material, it will be close but not identical. There will likely be variations in veining, color shade, particulate size and particulate density.

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