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Care & Maintenance: Recycled Glass


Vetrazzo® is an extremely durable and easy-to-maintain surface. It's comparable to granite in strength, scratch resistance, heat resistance, durability, and care & maintenance.

Will it stain?

Vetrazzo is less porous than marble and concrete and equivalent to some granite. But you do have to care for it.

85% of the surface is glass, which is impervious to stain. However, acids (like red wine, lemon juice, and vinegar) will etch the matrix of the surface (the concrete area between the glass) if not cleaned up right away. And staining agents (like coffee and tea) will leave a trace if allowed to remain on the surface.

Luckily, like aged butcher block, marble, and concrete, signs of living can actually enhance the character of the surface. If you clean messes up quickly, your Vetrazzo will remain unchanged. If you are more carefree, you may appreciate the natural patina that develops as you live with and enjoy your Vetrazzo. Also, dark mixes and those with patina hide the signs of a carefree lifestyle remarkably well. See what one Vetrazzo customer had to say.

Need a lot of maintenance?

No. It's mostly glass. Keep it clean with soap and water, (avoiding harsh abrasives). When the mood strikes you, buff it with a wax a few times a year and reseal it once every year or two. Pretty simple.

Can you cut on it?

Sure, but you’ll dull your knife.

Can you put a hot pot on it?

Sure. It’s glass and concrete. As with any sealed surface, prolonged excessive heat could compromise the sealant. So if you do this often, be sure to reseal periodically.


You bet. Vetrazzo installations are in buildings that have seen millions of visitors since they've been installed and show no signs of wear.

Can you dance on it?

We’ll leave that up to you. (Careful not to slip).

Dwell magazine referred to it as “a superhero of the countertop world.”


 How do you care and maintain your IceStone surface?

 While IceStone surfaces are extremely durable and versatile, the surface does require some maintenance and care. Just like granite and marble, IceStone surfaces can stain if not cared for correctly. Here are some quick tips to keep your IceStone surface beautiful:

IceStone recommends TileLab Grout & Tile Cleaner, TileLab OneStep Cleaner & Resealer, Simple Green Stone Cleaner, or 7th Generation’s All Purpose Cleaner. Avoid any abrasive, ammonia-based, or bleach-based cleaners – they may strip the sealer over time and make the surface more susceptible to stains. To add an extra layer of protection, we suggest applying a carnauba wax product two to three times a year. IceStone recommends Simple Green’s Stone Polish or Cheng’s Concrete Countertop Wax (please use sparingly). For more specific information on how to properly care and maintain your IceStone surface, please review the IceStone Care & Maintenance Guide.

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