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Granite description

Granite is an igneous rock, which means at one time during its development, it was melted like volcanic lava. Unlike lava, however, this melted rock never reached the surface. It remained trapped inside, where it slowly cooled and crystallized, resulting in a very uniform, speckled or veined stone that ranges in color from black and gray tones to pinks, browns, and reds.

Granite slabs are cut from large blocks of stone that are mined from quarries all over the world. Slab sizes vary but granite slabs are usually at least 68" x 115". Slabs are available in two thicknesses, 2cm (3/4") or 3cm (1 /14"). Edges can be laminated to create larger edge profiles, 4cm for example.

Some granites are harder than others and some are more dense than others. Some granite will absorb oils and other liquids if not sealed properly, other granites need not ever be sealed. All granite installed by CMC that requires sealing will be properly sealed. Depending on the particular stone and usage, granite may need to be sealed every couple of years or never again. 

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