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Recycled Glass description

Recycled glass countertops are comprised of 100% recycled glass and a cement or resin mixture which created a highly durable  surface. Material content is derived from decommissioned traffic lights, windshields, used bottles and plate glass windows for example. The ultimate goal is to conserve the planet and help consumers choose a color palette that reflects their style and values.

This is a very fast growing segment as many people are trying to do their part in the "green movement". New manufacturers of these products are surfacing at a rapid pace. The two most common products that CMC fabricates are Icestone and Vetrazzo. Please check our links page to find out more about these products. If you are interested in a new or different eco-friendly product not listed here please contacts us. It is likely we are familiar with the product and can fabricate it for you.

Generally speaking, the enviornmentally sensitive products are more expensive than Engineered Stone and most natural stone.

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