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Solid Surface description

Solid Surface products are manufactured with high performance resin systems such as acrylic and unsaturated polyester. They have very high filler content and do not have gel coats. These materials are used primarily in counter top and wall panel applications.

A design benefit of solid surface materials is their ability to be machined to like wood, though special equipment and fabrication procedures are required. They can be precisely cut and bonded to fit nearly any surface shape. Solid surface materials can also be routed for decorative edging which can be applied with specially formulated adhesives. Since the color goes clear through the product, scratches, chips and stains can be easily sanded out. Several manufacturers are now offering solid surface products that are translucent.

Solid surface materials are sold under a number of brand names including Corian®, Livingstone, Staron, Avonite, Hi-Macs, Formica, Meganite, Wilsonart and many more. Some products are 100% acrylic and others have an acrylic / polyester blend. CMC is authorized to fabricate all of these products. Please see our links page to learn more about these specific products or to view color samples.

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