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Laminate & Trespa description


Laminate continues to be a very popular countertop surface. Laminate is basically a resin poured over a paper print . Laminate countertops are in fact, plastic. Laminate is a hard surface but it is susceptible to heat damage and scratching. It is also common for laminate to chip. Laminate is not a repairable surface. CMC is primarily a provider of commercial laminate countertops only.


Impact resistant

The combination of a solid, homogenous core with a hard surface based on melamine resins gives Trespa Athlon exceptional impact resistance. This is confirmed by its excellent track record when used for wall cladding in public rooms and other rooms susceptible to vandalism, for bumper rails in hospital corridors etc.


The special surface structure and durability provide excellent scratch resistance. Even in heavy-duty applications, Trespa Athlon retains its original appearance for a very long time. The panel is highly resistant to wear, making it ideal for applications where heavy use and frequent cleaning are expected. 


Trespa Athlon is not adversely affected by moisture and is not susceptible to discoloration, mold or rot. Both the surface and the core are manufactured with the help of thermosetting resins, making them impervious to moisture. The dimensional stability and workability of Trespa Athlon are comparable to those of hardwood. 

Fire safety

Trespa Athlon is heat-resistant and meets the requirements of national and international fire standards for safe fire behavior. The panel material does not melt, drip or explode upon heating and retains its stability for a long period of time. Trespa Athlon FR grade has a UL Class A fire rating in accordance with ASTM E-84.

Environmental considerations

Life cycle analysis and reports by independent third parties confirm that Trespa products have less of an impact on the environment than alternative materials.

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